Blood Fruit

This one-man comedy tells the autobiographical story of Majd Murad as he comes to terms with his homosexuality and finds the courage to come out to his Catholic Iraqi family. Voted Best of the Hollywood Fringe 2011.

***Blood Fruit is currently being revised and will begin new performances projected Summer 2014. Thanks for your support!

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Archive of Performances:
November 19, 2012 Special performance and lecture at UC Riverside.
September 15, 2012 Milepost 5 in Portland, OR
August 25, 2012. Arabian Nights at Blackbird Dance. Hollywood, CA.
August 18, 2012. Private Backyard Scholarship Show at B&B’s B&B. San Diego, CA
June 16, 23, 24, 2012. Hollywood Fringe Festival. Lounge Theatre. Hollywood, CA
Dec 3, 10, 17, 2011. Lounge Theatre. Hollywood, CA
August 4, 11, 20, 2011. Best of the Fringe. Theatre Asylum. Hollywood, CA
June 18, 23, 25, 2011. Hollywood Fringe Festival. Lounge Theatre. Hollywood, CA


We had a fundraiser on to save this show and we did! Out of the $2000 goal we raised $2434, which allowed us to continue the production at the Hollywood Fringe Festival. The following are all of the donors:

“Heartwood” ($100+)
Byron Adams
Tash Alexander
Hazem Alwattar
Linda Cripps & Ken Weaverling
Tommy Crowe
Ken Dell
Eddy Gutierrez
Jesse Martinez
Rebecca Payne

“Branch” ($50-99)
Javier Alcala
Giselle Arredondo
Brett Barris
Gina Bernstein
Shawn Brower
Yuri Daniels
Brian Davis
Donald Hua
Catherine Makary
Meghan Martinez
Dominic Mishler
Eddie Murphy
Scott Pieper
Christopher Rini
Jayson Rivest

“Root” ($25-49)
Tenah Acquaye
Khi Armand
Patrick Button
David Callahan
Robert Dallmeyer
Debra Ehrhardt
Storm Faerywolf
Jack Fry
Christine Kitano
Doug Knott
Brett Mendenhall
Cindy Oltman Grayson
Jessica Parker
Brandon Peters
Meagan Prahl
Aaron Pressburg
Lauren Romero
Robin Russin
Brian Sanchez
Jared Scheib
Michael Smith
Eric Trules
Brad Vargyas
Elicia Wolowydnik
Amy Wright
Edward Zink

“Bark” ($10-24)
Julianne Berry
Justin Chao
Dana Chilton
Chelsea Clarey
Anna Espinosa
Melissa Fransaw
Mary Gifford
Tim Hequibal
Michaele Maurer
Brad Miller
Sarah Nodelman
Crystal Rector
Rona Rios Bean
Elizabeth Wilson


  1. My boyfriend and I just attended.
    I didn’t have a chance to talk to you after the show.
    You were amazing, I definitely relate to your story as many might have.
    Funny, honest, and very touching.
    Wish you the best!

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